Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Avengers

This movie was awesome! We went on Sunday around 5:30 pm to beat the crowds! Well maybe you didn't grow up watching these super heroes, But I bet you've heard of them. 
It is now my favorite superhero movie and that is saying something. I convinced my hubby that we should have many superhero movies and that would probably be our number 1 movie genre besides maybe Disney movies. Anyways, this movie was great and has everything we look for. It had an incredibly well developed storyline and each Avenger played very well off of each other. I thought Cap and Iron Man fit the best together and I loved some of their back and forth.

This movie did a fantastic job with the Hulk as well. Hulk was used perfectly in this film and it really helped bring the movie along. 

Signing off, ataatan.


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